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Ukraine reform progress monitoring

Since 2014 Ukraine has made more progress in reforming its economy than in previous 22 years. Fight against corruption, law enforcement and judicial reforms, ProZorro, decentralization and deregulation: the National Reform Council issued its assessment report on the progress of Ukrainian reforms in 2016.


Fight against corruption:

  • As a result of the NABU and SAP activity, investigations on 280 criminal cases are being conducted;
  • more than 100 million UAH returned to the budget;
  • 433.6 million USD, 79.8 million dollars, 7.1 million euros, 101 land plots, 52 apartments, 32 houses, 41 vehicles, 1 integral property complex and securities worth over 75.5 million USD are under arrest in anti-corruption investigations;
  • the e-declaration system was launched on August 15, 2016. The first stage of e-declaration process, when only high-ranked officials were declaring their incomes, property and assets, was successfully completed on October 30, 2016. It is followed by the submission of e-declarations by all Ukrainian public officials from January 1 to March 31, 2017.

Judicial reform

  • A number of laws directed at successful implementation of judicial reform were adopted ("On ensuring the right to a fair trial", "On the Judicial System and on the Status of Judges", "On the High Council of Justice");
  • the Strategy on reforming the judiciary and related legal institutions for 2015-2020 is adopted;
  • the ‘reboot’ of the Supreme Court has started.

Law enforcement

  • New patrol police started working in 32 cities of Ukraine;
  • 12 newly-opened centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs work under the “single window” principle;
  • 427 bureaus of free of charge legal help started their work in September 2016.

Public procurement

  • ProZorro provided platform for more than 420 000 tenders worth over 200 billion USD; 20 000 traders participated;
  • as of January 1, 2017 due to ProZorro budget savings amounted to 10.2% of total public purchases.


  • Financial and administrative competences are being partially transferred from central bodies of executive power to local self-government bodies;
  • 367 united territorial communities have been established;
  • 3 183 388 people live within the united territorial communities;
  • local budgets increased by 50%;
  • system of social services was decentralized (359 united territorial communities provide social services through the territorial centers).


  • The government approached to the full implementation of commitments before the IMF on licensing certain activities (22 out of 24 required documents have been adopted);
  • Deregulation reduced the number of remnant from the Soviet times permits by 40% and the number of required for business certificates - by 87%.

National security and defence reform

  • The Concept for the Development of Security and Defence Sector of Ukraine is being implemented;
  • 5 basic directions of reforming the system of national security and defence are defined (security sector reform, Ministry of Defence, coordination of intelligence, cybersecurity, defence and technical cooperation with foreign partners);
  • the institutional reform of the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defence and the General Staff, with the emphasis on NATO standards, has started;
  • 5 agreements on NATO standards are signed and 12 military standards have been developed and approved;
  • Ukraine’s military budget has doubled in 2016;
  • the Army becomes professional: 70 000 people signed the contract with the Ukrainian military forces;
  • The Ministry of Defenсe is leading in electronic public procurement;
  • The Main Situation Center of Ukraine started its work.

Economic growth

  • Economic growth is gaining momentum: according to the preliminary estimates, in the IV quarter of 2016 GDP grew by 4.5-4.8% compared with 0.1% in the first quarter of 2016.


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